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Aranmula Mirror Vaal Kannadi Round Handed – Traditional Aranmula Kannadi (2 Inch)

4,000.00 2,560.00

Aranmula Kannadi Mayil Mirror Peacock with Stand (2.0 Inch)

5,330.00 3,810.00

Aranmula Mirror Mayil Peedam – Showpiece to Decorate Livingroom (2.75 Inch)

8,540.00 6,100.00

Aranmula Mirror – Vaal Kannadi Traditional (1.5 Inch)

2,660.00 1,900.00

Aranmula Mirror Alila Kannadi Kerala Traditional Cultural Heritage (2.25 Inch)

4,800.00 2,830.00

Kerala Home Temple Bronze Handmade Puja Thali Set (34x34x11)cm

10,540.00 7,530.00

Aranmula Mirror Deepam Vaal Kannadi – Traditional Kerala Precious Metal Art (2.25 Inch)

4,800.00 2,830.00

Arnamula Mirror Traditional Vaal Kannadi Round Handed – An Unique craftsmanship (2.75 Inch)

6,150.00 4,390.00

Aranmula Mirror Kingini Shank with Stand – Best Gifted Memento Item (3 Inch)

12,890.00 9,210.00

Aranmula Mirror Beautiful Hamsa Kannadi with Stand – Spectacular Gift Item (3.5 Inch)

9,720.00 6,940.00

Aranmula Mirror Temple Shankh with Back Stand (2 Inch)

4,000.00 2,860.00

Aranmula Mirror – Traditional Vaal Kannadi Best Gift Item (2 Inch)

3,740.00 2,670.00

Aranmula Mirror Shankhval Peedam – The Best Wedding & Luxury Corporate Business Gift (2 Inch)

4,800.00 3,430.00

Aranmula Kannadi Shankhval Mirror – The Best Wedding & House Warming Gift (2 Inch)

3,740.00 2,670.00

Aranmula Mirror or Kannadi

Buy Original Aranmula Mirror Online Store India at Lowest Price. Exotic Collection of Authentic Arnamula Mirror from the House of Patented Maker South India

Heribay’s prestigious product “The Traditional Aranmula Mirror”. Unique metal mirrors made in Aranmula Kerala.It is a metal-alloy front surface reflection mirror which gets rid of secondary reflections and deviation of back surface mirrors. Thus One can see the real image of his/her own image through it. The mirror is purely hand made and strictly not with machines. The alloy used in the mirror is a mixture of tin and copper. The exact process or methods used in the making is only known to only one family in Aranmula which makes them unique.
Plays a vital role in the traditional Hindu marriage as one among the eight ‘Ashtamngalyas’. Also a precious Gift items to those who your loving one’s House warming, Birthday and Prize Memento. There is a belief that placing this mirror in the home will bring good luck and prosperity.