Kitchen Utensils

Buy Kitchen Utensils ; We customize any size and shape to suit your needs. So, Traditional kitchen items used in temples, churches and other places of worship are available at affordable price.

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Kitchen Utensils Bowls (14)

Kitchen Utensils Container (22)

Kitchen Utensils Cups (8)

Kitchen Utensils Grater (2)

Kitchen Utensils Knife (2)

Kitchen Utensils Peeler (2)

Kitchen Utensils Pot (14)

Kerala Bronze Kadhai | Cheenachatty Heavy Bottom Wok Cookware

2,030.364,024.10 (Inc. GST)

Achappam Maker Brass Non Stick Snack Mould (7cm) Diameter

320.54 237.50 (Inc. GST)

Kerala Mannar Otturuli | Handmade Bronze Uruli Cooking Vessel

3,375.0011,116.08 (Inc. GST)

Heribay Premium Brass Puttu Maker / Puttu Kudam, Golden Color

2,732.143,000.00 (Inc. GST)

Kitchen Brass Chattukam Cookware Flat Palta Spoon Spatula

750.00 598.22 (Inc. GST)

Polished Otturuli Bronze Uruli for Cooking Utensils

3,481.265,177.68 (Inc. GST)

Brass Made Achappam Maker Non Stick Mold with Wooden Handle

803.58 714.28 (Inc. GST)

Hindalium Kadai Uruli Deep Fry Pan for Cooking Food Utensils

972.322,040.18 (Inc. GST)

Polished Brass Cooking Kadai Uruli Vessel Deep Fry Pan (10 Inch), Golden Color

4,241.08 2,946.42 (Inc. GST)

Achappam Maker Non Stick Brass Achappam Mold with Wooden Handle

517.86 445.54 (Inc. GST)

Brass Sevanazhi – Idiyappam Maker Brass Utensils for Kitchen

1,589.28 1,017.86 (Inc. GST)

Traditional Brass Instant Coffee Tumbler Davara Set (4 Pieces)

2,250.00 1,678.58 (Inc. GST)

Traditional Bronze Coffee Tumbler Handmade Davara Mug Heavy (Set of 4)

2,250.00 1,678.58 (Inc. GST)

Unniyappam Making Pan Polished Brass Paniyaram Non Stick Patra (7 Cavity) Golden Color

4,112.50 3,213.40 (Inc. GST)

Brass Kalash Kumbham, Kudam, Lota, Paana Handmade Pooja Pot (18 cm Dimension)

3,285.72 2,455.36 (Inc. GST)