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Kerala Cheenachatty Heavy Flat Bottom Kadhai/Woks for Cooking Food

3.50 out of 5

Kerala Mannar Otturuli | Handmade Bronze Uruli Cooking Vessel


Achappam Maker Brass Non Stick Snack Mould (7cm) Diameter

359.00 187.00

Polished Otturuli Bronze Uruli for Cooking Utensils


Heribay Premium Brass Puttu Maker / Puttu Kudam, Golden Color

4,378.00 2,570.00

Hindalium Kadai Uruli Deep Fry Pan for Cooking Food Utensils


Brass Sevanazhi – Idiyappam Maker Brass Utensils for Kitchen

1,500.00 760.00

Aluminum Uruli for Cooking Kadhai , Heavy Bottom

1,016.00 880.00

Kitchen Brass Chattukam Cookware Flat Palta Spoon Spatula

920.00 660.00

Brass Made Achappam Maker Non Stick Mold with Wooden Handle

821.00 560.00

Bronze Appakara – Unniyappam Maker for Delicious Unniyappam


Polished Brass Cooking Kadai Uruli Vessel Deep Fry Pan (10 Inch), Golden Color

4,070.00 2,820.00

Milk Pan Brass Utensils with Handle

2,900.00 2,156.00

Handmade Bronze Uruli for Healthy Cooking

7,500.00 5,830.00

Traditional Brass Instant Coffee Tumbler Davara Set (4 Pieces)

1,670.00 1,480.00

Home Utensils

Buy Home Utensils;  Heribay offers you a wide selection of all types of utensils, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, lids, etc., which are currently in use in Kerala, South Inida, India.

Above all, We deals maily traditional Indian utensils like Bronze Uruli, Brass Uruli, Brass Varp, Chembu, Brass Nelpara,  Wooden Nira Para, Brass, Wooden Changazhi, Nazhi, Deep Fry Pan, Cheenachatti Brass, Unniyappam Chatti, Appachatti, Idiyappam Maker Brass, Achappam Maker Etc., for any Custom size and measurement.