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Antique Lalitambika Idol, Rajarajeshwari, Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari Goddess of Prosperity

28,220.00 20,160.00

Antique Brass Figurine Lady playing Musical Instrument

23,520.00 16,800.00

Antique Figure Brass Sculpture Lady with Make up Mirror

23,520.00 16,800.00

Lord Ganesh Panchaloha Idol for Pooja (9cm Height)

3,730.00 3,220.00

Indian Hindu God Vishnu Idol Made of Metal Copper Present in Chola Dynasty Antique Sculpture

51,740.00 36,960.00

Traditional Kerala Antique Kalari Vilakku – Headed Kovoor Thanka – Yakshi

42,340.00 30,240.00

Metal Bronze Made Antique Aanavilakku. A Traditional Dining Oil Lamp

14,590.00 10,420.00

St Antony Sculpture Rare Antique Saint Antony Wooden Statue

9,720.00 6,940.00

Italian Antique Porcelain Parrots Figurines Ceramic Collectible for Sale

10,210.00 7,290.00

Antique Idol Buddha Statue Brass – Symbol of Peace and Prosperity

19,990.00 14,280.00

Antique Lord Krishna Playing Flute Statue in Brass for Sale

54,100.00 38,640.00

Chathur Bhahu Lakshmi Godddes of Wealth & Prosperous – Antique Idol

11,090.00 7,920.00

Metal Brass God Krishna Idol – Showpiece for Your Spiritual Home Office Collection

1,800.00 1,600.00

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