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Vintage Table Telephone Showpiece with Round Dial Design

7,078.57 6,633.93 (Ex. GST)

Antique Spiritual Vibhoothi Pot Brass Metal Bhasma Patra

10,919.64 8,732.14 (Ex. GST)

Antique Cast Iron African Tobacco Cutter – Tool for Measuring and Chopping Tobacco

2,857.14 2,285.71 (Ex. GST)

Rare Antique Betel Box, Vettila Chellam Good Condition Online for Sale

9,160.71 7,330.36 (Ex. GST)

Vintage Sewing Machines Hand Crank – A Decorative Showpiece

22,080.36 17,660.71 (Ex. GST)

90 Years Old Handmade Travancore Royal Messenger Box – A Symbol of Aristocracy

50,348.21 40,276.79 (Ex. GST)

Rare Antique Portuguese Monastery Oil Lamp Gothic Style

28,026.79 22,419.64 (Ex. GST)

Rare Antique Portuguese Monastery Oil Lamp with Hook & Stand

48,642.86 38,910.71 (Ex. GST)

98 Years Old Traditional Temple Brass Oil Dispenser

10,026.79 8,017.86 (Ex. GST)

Antique Wooden Handle Mirror – Used by Old Royal Families

1,687.50 1,348.21 (Ex. GST)

Wooden hand Curved Handle Vintage Mirror Rectangular Shape

8,223.21 6,580.36 (Ex. GST)

1901 Year Made Singer Sewing Machine Antique Good Condition

24,750.00 19,812.50 (Ex. GST)

1830 Made Victoria Sewing Machine Antique – Home Decoration Showpiece

72,408.93 71,205.36 (Ex. GST)

Spittoon Kolambi Antique – A Traditional Symbol of Royal Families

3,392.86 2,714.29 (Ex. GST)

Rare Antique Pan Box Traditional Antique Utility Box Vettila Chellam

10,633.93 8,508.93 (Ex. GST)